When You Should Quit Your Job

Alright, alright… Let’s ease it a bit and say; When You Should Start Thinking Looking for a New Job.

If your manager asks you for updates and doesn’t listen you and/or cuts you off frequently regardless of the context while you answer.

When your manager asks you what can be done for any given issue or task, upon which you give him/her options to choose from. If/when he/she asks you, what he/she should choose from the options you provided. You are basically doing his/her job.

If your actual job is different than your job description.

If the company, whether because of the way it’s structured or not, doesn’t have or provide space for promotion despite you deserve it.

If your manager asks why you are not at your desk. Yeah, really, that happened… Unbelievable, right?

If your manager asks you not to have time off because plenty things need to be done while he takes time off to ski with his friends or something.

If your manager gets all the feedback and ideas you have to provide and passes them along to the his/her manager as if they were his/her own feedback and ideas.

If your manager takes credit for something that you’ve done.

if your manager steals your work, literally.

If your manager doesn’t let you do your job properly.

If your manager micromanages you.

If your team/employer allows anyone with foul language.

If your employer doesn’t align with your work culture including work ethics.

If your working environment is not respectful or professional.

If your employer values working hours more than your impact.

If your employer puts someone in charge who has no idea what he/she should be doing in any scenario.

If your your contract gets worse every time you renew it.

If you are mainly forced to learn/work on things that wouldn’t add your career a value.

If your employer doesn’t take any action upon your complaint about pretty much anything.

If you are an exceptional employee and not getting exceptional recognition.

One more thing…

Maybe the most important time period, when you should start thinking looking for a new job, is the time period when you are paid well, working productively on good products with good people and your happiest in your career.

It may sound counterintuitive, but let me explain.

Imagine you had enough and you have to get out of the company you are working at. You have to leave and leave fast, but your rent, bills, kid’s tuitions still needs to be paid. More you want to leave your “bad” job, more you might rush your decision. Time may start to be a big factor and eventually may lead you to make a rush decision to have a not that great job at the end.

When you have a “good” job on the other hand, you can start casually looking for a better one. You may consider to find a better position, ask for a better compensation and better perks too. You can do all that without stressing yourself at all by taking the time, considering every aspect of a new job meticulously. You couldn’t make a deal with possible new employers? No problem, you still have a “good” job that you can continue to enjoy.

Looking for a new job when you don’t need it, may elevate your career in a way that you couldn’t imagine.

I can hear someone asking, “What if the new employer will turn out to be worse than my current one?”

Take a leap of faith… You can do better…

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